A+ to Z Computers has been serving Charlotte County and the surrounding area since 2000 providing computer repairs and networking services in your office or home.

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On-Site Networking, Troubleshooting, and Repairs

We send technicians to jobsites to install, troubleshoot, and repair network issues, whether it is internet connectivity issues or local area network issues..

Data Backup Solutions

If you have important data (documents, photos, videos, databases, etc.), a reliable backup is the SINGLE most important thing you can have! Businesses and individuals have unique backup needs, so we help tailor backup solutions to what the actual needs are - including external drives, RAID arrays, cloud backups, and other solutions.

In-Store Virus Removal and Repairs

Viruses are a relatively small component of the "malware" we encounter, but is a term that consumers readily relate to. Some malware repairs can be performed onsite, but many are more efficiently handled in our shop. Call us to see how we can not only help with the removal and repairs, but also you you can most effectively combat the onslaughts with prudent web-browsing and email handling..

Retail Parts and Peripherals

Visit our store, where we offer retail computer parts, tablet PCs, notebook PCs, and custom desktop PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice, battery backups, and software..

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