H.E.L.P. in Charlotte County


We are actively committed to helping support H.E.L.P. in Charlotte County. www.helpincharlottecounty.org  H.E.L.P. in Charlotte County, Inc. is a faith-based coalition of churches, organizations, governmental agencies, and businesses working together to facilitate and create effective sustainable community services that provide for the physical, educational, spiritual, medical, and mental health needs of the body, mind, and spirit.

His Everlasting Love for People

Mark has been on the Board of Directors since Fall 2012 and currently serves as Vice President of H.E.L.P. in Charlotte County.

Punta Gorda Tea Party

Mark is a member of the Punta Gorda Tea Party, and is currently serving his second year as President.

The PG Tea Party has core values of believing in a Constitutionally Limited Government, Free Market Capitalism, and Personal & Fiscal Responsibility.

Last year and this year, the PG Tea Party has met several challenges head-on at various levels including:

  • Encouraging County Commissioners to call for a forensic audit of Charlotte County Utilities
  • Bringing attention to Common Core in our state and in our county
  • Brining attention to the 10th Amendment and States’ Rights – is fighting for Florida to stand up and take action.
  • Brought attention to fiscal irresponsibility of our local government.
  • Invited Billy (Author of “Betrayed – The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 As Told By A Navy SEAL’S Father”) and Karen Vaughn, parents of fallen SEAL Team Six member Aaron Vaughn to speak at our Tax Day Rally
  • With support of the Republican Executive Committee, invited Peter Feaman (Author of “The Next Nightmare”), National Committeeman at the Republican Party of Florida to speak at our Labor Day Weekend event, addressing and documenting concerns about the Islamization of America as well as how the Tea Party groups around the country are POSITIVELY affecting change within the Republican Party.
  • With support of the REC and local Republican Clubs, invited Lawrence Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education www.fee.org to speak October 28th 2014 at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center.  He will be speaking about Privatization.


Charlotte County Curmudgeon Club

Mark is the youngest member of the Charlotte County Curmudgeon Club.  The CC Curmudgeon Club invites local leaders to speak interactively about their positions and involvement in the community.


Port Charlotte Republican Club

Mark is serving his second year as Vice President of the Port Charlotte Republican Club


Republican Executive Committee

Mark is an alternate in his precinct for the Republican Executive Committee


Charlotte County Republican Club

Mark is a member of the Charlotte County Republican Club


Sandhill Garden Park of Commerce

Mark has sat on the Board of Directors for the Sandhill Garden Park of Commerce since 2007, and currently serves as President.


We continue to support activities of the Rotary clubs in the area, the Charlotte Desoto Building Industry Association, Toys for Tots, and local schools and their extra-curricular activities.